You can manage your investments with the minimum of fuss and we provide you with a secure home for your dealing, so you can see at a glance how your portfolio is performing.

The simple way to buy and sell share certificates

No administration or ongoing fees, no matter how often you deal

A wide investment choice

Pay for purchases by UK debit card

Sale proceeds paid directly to your bank account

Before you can trade, you will need to register for the service

Alternatively UK customers can register by telephone or post. However, please note that due to new regulations we are now required to check that you have read and accept the Terms of Business before we can register you for the service, which may delay your telephone trade. You must also have read the Key Information Documents on certain investments before a purchase can proceed.

Customers resident outside of the UK must register by telephone or post.

As the UK has left the EU following Brexit, residents of the European Economic Area will no longer be able to open accounts with us.

Executors of a deceased estate should register by post to use our Deceased Estate Sales Service.

UK companies must register by post.

If trading online or by phone, please be aware that you must return your certificate within 5 working days of the trade otherwise the trade will be cancelled after 7 working days and you will be charged any costs incurred for cancellation, as defined in our tariff.

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Corporate Nominee

Online dealing of your corporate nominee holdings

Trading Account

The easy way to buy, sell and manage your investments


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