noun [ U ]

uk/ˈhedʒ.ɪŋ/ us/ˈhedʒ.ɪŋ/

hedging noun [U] (AVOIDING ANSWER)

a way of avoiding giving a direct answer or opinion:

There has been too much hedging and delay, and not enough action.

I notice the hedging in the report, full of it could be and seems.


hedging noun [U] (AVOIDING RISK)

finance & economics   specialized

a way of controlling or limiting a loss or risk:

This type of hedging protects the trader from getting a margin call, as the second position will gain if the first loses, and vice versa.

You can protect yourself against future rises in interest rates by means of a hedging instrument known as a forward rate agreement.

 hedging of bets

the act of protecting yourself against loss by supporting more than one possible result or both sides in a competition:

Agnosticism is often seen as a kind of halfway house between faith and disbelief, a hedging of bets.

This could be seen as more hedging of bets by the electorate.


hedging noun [U] (BUSHES)

mainly UK

bushes or small trees planted very close together, especially along the edges of a garden, field, or road:

One of my favourite parts of the garden is a raised lawn, flanked by two lines of yew hedging.

Make the back of the house secure by using prickly hedging or high fencing.

mainly UK

the activity of planting, cutting, or looking after hedging in a garden, field, etc.:

He did odd jobs for people such as roofing and hedging.

She keeps busy in the garden with pruning, weeding, digging, and hedging.


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hedging | 商務英語


noun [ U ]



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/ˈhedʒɪŋ/ us

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the activity of reducing the risk of losing money on shares, bonds, etc. that you own, for example, by buying futures (= agreements to sell shares for a particular price at a date in the future) or options (= the rights to buy or sell shares for a particular price within a particular time period):

Originally hedge funds took a more traditional approach to hedging: they bought shares they thought would rise in companies they expected to do well.

Hedging instruments such as futures contracts are priced in dollars.

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