The stock is consolidating at a lower support line and if it sustains above 232, Buy trade can be taken for upper targets until 210 is intact on the downside. To motivate me, Please like the idea If you agree with the analysis. Happy Trading! InvestPro India Team


Maruti Suzuki Ind - Inverted Head and Shoulders - Good to go long - Buy at the dip or support level NSE:MARUTI


Perfect Tradingview Indicator which provides Automatic Buy sell Signals by calculating multiple inputs like Price,Volume, VWAP, support , Resistance . All-In-one. You can experience ZETA FORCE indicator for your trading intraday in banknifty. In addition to this automatic support ans resitance lines are drawn so NO NEED to draw it manually as we have very less...


Traders, I have provided full detailed chart of eicher motors in 1 hour time frame which is clearly form symmetrical triangle pattern, buy if the resistance line is broken . Stop Loss and Probable target is mentioned in the chart itself. This analysis is for educational purpose only. Feel free to share your views. I share chart pattern very frequently.


Reliance Trangle pattern target t1 and t2 are mentioned


Tata Steel BSL NSE:TATASTLBSL Cmp - 93 Stop - Nil, Add more on relevant dips Expectation - T1 - 450 T2 - Open, Review at 450 Expected Holding Period - 2 years or earlier for T1 Technicals - ✅ Fundamentals - ✅ View:- Investment Disclaimer:- Ideas being shared only for educational purpose 
Please do your own research or consult your financial advisor before investing


Buy TCS target🎯 4000 because it break its major resistance.


All details are given in the chart.


Add ITC to Your Watch is About to move bigger


🔴DISCLAIMER ***** Its just for an educational purpose and so you must also follow your own technical analysis before taking up the trade ****** Aggressive traders enter at the breakout and conservative traders may give entry after retracement (Retracement is optional, we cannot expect every stock to take a retest after the breakout, it may also continue to have...


NSE:VOLTAS On 10-08-2021, on daily time frame it has broken and closed below 100DMA. 100DMA is placed at 1009 level range. Please refer below daily chart. Trade Setup for 11-08-2021. Any Resistance at any level till 1009/1010 will be opportunity for short trade. VOLTAS will remain weak below 1009 level. Chart and...


NSE:IBULHSGFIN buy above 285-290 SL clsing below 255 T 295 305 320 closing above 225 will take to 340, 360


Zeel - Trend Line Broken + B Of ABCD Broken Sell On Any Bounce To 174-176 SL - 186.2 (Day Closing Basis) Target - 150-151


NSE:VOLTAS Today we saw amazing recovery from the bottom level. And it closed in green. But on daily time frame it still remains below 100DMA which is placed at 1009 level range. It will only safe to get new buy trade once 1010 level breakout. Please refer below chart on daily time frame....


The price broke out of the downtrend line with high volume and rallied out of the falling wedge. But it faced resistance at the previous swing high. The market structure is still bearish. For the market structure to become bullish, the price must move up from 200 level and create new HH and HL. The price has been forming a falling wedge pattern, which is a bullish...


Quote - Talk/words are cheap, show me the chart Chart conveys everything. Look at the chart. When you can observe it, you dont require a single piece of word in this description box. So, talk less, show your stuff on the chart - Trader


NSE:VOLTAS On Daily Time Frame 21DMA is placed at 1034.80 level. And Friday it took support just above this level and closed at 1047.90 level. It will be bullish if it stays above 1030 level. Below 1030 level it will make down movement for short trade. I have just marked levels with line on the chart. Hope it is easy to understand. Do comment your doubt or...


TRADING WATCHLIST FOR W/B 09-08-21 INTENT This is a new series of periodical posts where I would share the scrips that I come across and find good to keep on my radar for the next trading session/s. The post may not be a daily feature as it depends on whether I am able to find some opportunities. I will only be sharing the time frame and the scrip name. I will...

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