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COVID-19 Effects Will Deplete Social Security Trusts One Year Sooner

The Social Security Administrations retirement and survivor benefits trust fund is expected to be depleted in 2033, one year earlier than expected.


5 Top Stock Gainers for Tuesday: Virgin Galactic, Digital Turbine

Virgin Galactic, Digital Turbine, AC Immune SA, Spok Holdings and Eagle Pharmaceuticals are five top stock gainers.


Apples Latest Smartwatch Reportedly Delayed Over Design Issues

Apples smartwatch makers hit critical challenges in production.


Valens Agrees to Buy Citizen Stash in All Stock Cannabis Deal

Valens agrees to purchase premium pre-rolled cannabis company Citizen Stash for $54.3 million.


Zoom Video Chart Shows Surprising Long Setup After Earnings Tumble

Zoom Video stock is getting crushed after reporting an earnings and revenue beat. Heres how investors could buy the dip.


Apple Puts $30 Million More Into Racial Justice Initiative

Apple said, the money will “support students, innovators and advocacy organizations that are leading the charge in creating a more just world.


Nike Gives Headquarters Workers Week Off for Mental Health

Nikes message is take the time to unwind, destress and spend time with your loved ones. Do not work, one manager said.


Ethereum Is Breaking Out — How Far Can It Rally Now?

Ethereum is hitting its highest level since May and has almost doubled from the July low. Heres how to trade the potential breakout now.


Microsoft Offers Free Windows 11 Upgrade in October

Microsoft offers free upgrades to Windows 11 for a first round of eligible computers on Oct. 5, with all eligible PCs offered free upgrades by mid-2022.


Walgreens to Boost Starting Wages for Hourly Workers

Walgreens said it will increase starting wages for its 190,000 hourly workers in phases to $15 by Nov. 1, 2022 from $10 now.

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