2021-07-22 L&T Finance Holdings.. Geojit BNP Paribas

88.25 96.00 88.25
(-5.55%) 15.18 Hold


Improved capital ratios and provision buffers could protect the company from any near-term uncertainties. However, companys asset quality and recovery from other business segments should be closely monitored. With cautious outlook, we downgrade our rating to HOLD with a revised target price of Rs. 96 based on ~1.0x FY23E BVPS. Efficient liquidity management aids margin expansion In Q1FY22, companys net income grew by 13.9% YoY (-7.1% QoQ) to Rs. 1,499cr. NIM + Fee & other income margin expanded by 174bps YoY to 7.52%, primarily due to...

2021-07-19 L&T Finance Holdings.. Motilal Oswal

87.65 110.00 87.65
(-4.91%) 31.97 Buy 2021-01-21 L&T Finance Holdings.. Geojit BNP Paribas

92.25 115.00 92.25
(-9.65%) 37.97 Accumulate


Profitability is expected to improve rapidly over the short term with strong market share in the rural regions. While asset quality concerns remain, the capital infusion via upcoming rights issue should provide some respite. We thereby retain our ACCUMULATE rating with roll forward target price of Rs.115 based on 1.2x FY23E BVPS. NIM improves on lower borrowing costs Company reported net interest income of Rs. 1,581cr (+13.5% QoQ, +7.7% YoY). NIM + Fee & other income margin rose to 7.4% (+90bps QoQ, +10bps YoY). The interest...

2020-10-23 L&T Finance Holdings.. Motilal Oswal

65.00 90.00 65.00
(28.23%) Target met Buy 2020-10-23 L&T Finance Holdings.. Prabhudas Lilladhar 65.35 52.00 65.35
(27.54%) 37.61 Sell

Q2FY21 Result Update - Status quo on AQ; disbursements surprise - SELL

continued disbursements momentum which should cushion earnings ahead, we remain circumspect on asset quality. Status-quo on SC order is masking the true asset quality picture; we maintain 6.6%-6.7% NPA forecasts over FY21-22 with credit costs uptick to 240bps for FY21. As return profile for FY22-23 stands weak at ~10% RoE/ 1.2% RoA, we reiterate SELL, valuing...

2020-07-22 L&T Finance Holdings.. Geojit BNP Paribas

61.15 70.00 61.15
(36.30%) Target met Accumulate


With improvement in collections and reduction in moratorium accounts, we value the stock at 0.77x on FY22E BVPS of Rs. 91, with a revised target price of Rs. 70 and retain our ACCUMULATE rating. Loan book continued to grow; Disbursements moderated LTFHs focused loan book stood at Rs. 93,706 cr, (+3.5% YoY), driven by steady growth in Rural Finance (+6.3% YoY), Housing Finance (+3.5% YoY), and Infrastructure Finance (+1.7% YoY). The disbursements reached Rs. 2,318cr (-75.9% YoY), due to drop in Housing, Rural, and Infrastructure disbursements by 85.1% YoY, 78.4% YoY...

2020-07-17 L&T Finance Holdings.. Motilal Oswal

61.65 85.00 61.65
(35.20%) Target met Buy

Strengthening the balance sheet

17 July 2020 L&T; Finance Holdings (LTFH) reported 1QFY21 PAT of INR1.47b. However, excluding the INR2.25b one-time gain on the sale of the Wealth Management business to IIFLWAM, the company reported net loss of INR780m (v/s our PAT estimate of INR1.8b). As a result, the total contingency provision buffer (over and above NPA provisions) stands at INR12.4b (i.e. 1.4% of standard loans). As the company maintained higher liquidity on the balance sheet, it experienced a drag of INR850m net income. Reported fees and other income halved YoY to INR1.9b on lower rural/corporate disbursements. The share of customers who were granted moratorium as of 30th 33%; and RE, Infra, and IDF ~40%. In corporate lending, performance has been divergent toll collections / builder loan collections reached 80%/33% of pre-COVID-19 levels in June.

2020-07-17 L&T Finance Holdings.. Prabhudas Lilladhar

61.95 52.00 61.95
(34.54%) Sell

Q1FY21 Result Update - Structurally weak return profile - SELL

projects, 83% of which lie under morat (b) 13% micro finance book that witnessed pull back in center meetings, albeit morat down to 48% from 100% in Mar20 (c) 40% infra business segment that continues to experience underlying pressures (tepid traffic drivers, weakened supply chain and inconsistent labor availability). While moratorium today is masking the de facto asset quality stress, morat delinquencies cannot be ruled out. We, therefore, build in higher NPA (6.5%+) and elevated credit costs (150-22bps+) over FY21-22E. Consequently, RoEs settle to structurally lower levels of ~10%...

2020-05-18 L&T Finance Holdings.. Motilal Oswal

52.05 75.00 52.05
(60.13%) Target met Buy

Business performance stable

18 May 2020 LTFH reported 4QFY20 PAT of INR3.8b (-30% YoY), ~20% below our estimates. The miss was largely on account of lower-than-expected total income (8% miss) while opex and credit costs were in line. LTFH reported INR844m in net loss on fair value changes, which led to the topline miss. While as of Mar20, ~36% of AUM was under moratorium, a modest increase was seen in April. Disbursements in Rural finance declined ~20% QoQ, compared with 69% decline witnessed in other segments. The plunge in Rural lending was largely attributed to the Auto segment (Tractors and 2Ws). While NIM on a consolidated basis came in steady at 5.7%, lower disbursements led to ~50bp decline in the fee income margin to 1.2%. CoF declined 10bp QoQ to 8.4%. The share of CPs was down 300bp QoQ / 1,000bp YoY to 6%. The GNPL ratio improved 60bp QoQ to 5.

2020-05-18 L&T Finance Holdings.. Prabhudas Lilladhar


53.70 50.00 53.70
(55.21%) Sell

Q4FY20 Result Update - Structural weakness sets in - SELL

shocks, we build in weak collection trends and higher provisions on rural & retail business side. Against this backdrop, we incorporate subdued growth (4-12%), high 6.5% NPA translating into structurally lower RoEs of 7% by...

2020-04-08 L&T Finance Holdings.. Geojit BNP Paribas


57.20 62.00 57.20
(45.72%) Target met Accumulate


We revise our estimates for FY20-22E and now value the stock at 0.64x FY22E BVPS, with a revised target price of Rs. 62 and continue to recommend ACCUMULATE rating on the stock. Corona update and impact on industry Corona virus pandemic continues to disrupt economy throughout the world, as the number of infected people globally reached +1.4mn (~75k deaths) spread across 120 affected nations. IMF cut the CY20 world growth estimates by 40bps to 2.9%. Moodys reduced their GDP forecasts for India to 2.5% from 5.3% earlier for CY20 and S&P;...

2020-01-28 L&T Finance Holdings.. Geojit BNP Paribas

109.95 136.00 109.95
(-24.19%) Buy


We value the stock at 1.35x on FY22E BVPS, with a target price of Rs. 136 and recommend ACCUMULATE rating. Loan book continued to grow; Disbursements moderated LTFHs focused loan book registered a healthy 13.7% YoY growth, driven by a steady Rural Finance and Housing Finance loan book growth of 14.4% and 14.5% YoY, respectively. However, overall disbursements reduced further (-30.1% YoY), with infrastructure finance declining by 46.9%, primarily due to industry wide de-growth. On housing front, the group remained cautious and maintained tight credit policy...

2020-01-22 L&T Finance Holdings.. Way2Wealth 119.05 119.05
(-29.99%) Hold

L&T Finance Holdings Ltd. - Result Update - 22 January 2020

L&T; Finance Holdings (LTFH) saw moderated loan growth of 14% YoY in focused business book. NIMs+Fees have remained steady at 7.29% (7.33% in 2QFY20). LTFH reported marginal rise in consolidated net profit to `591 Cr vs. `580 Cr in corresponding quarter last...

2020-01-20 L&T Finance Holdings.. Motilal Oswal

119.10 145.00 119.10
(-30.02%) Buy

Focus on balance sheet quality with healthy RoE of 16-17 %

20 January 2020 LTFH reported 3QFY20 PAT of INR5.9b (+2% YoY), in line with our estimate of INR6.0b. The quarter was characterized by early teens loan growth across focused segments, stable asset quality and core RoE of ~16%. LTFH is expected to report moderate loan growth (7-8%), dragged by the defocused and wholesale book. With stability on cost of funds and growth in high-yielding assets, net income (NIM + fees) is expected to be healthy at ~7%. Overall PAT CAGR is expected to be ~12% with a robust RoE of ~17%. De-focused book declined ~55%/25% YoY/QoQ as the company sold off some DCM bonds without meaningful P&L; impact. LTFH raised INR104b in the quarter, of which ~50% came from term loans and ~35% via NCDs. Cost of funds was largely stable at 8.5%. Disbursements in microfinance have been range-bound at INR25-28b for the past eight quarters, while those in 2W and tractors picked up sharply on a QoQ basis due to the festival season.

2019-11-27 L&T Finance Holdings.. Motilal Oswal

114.50 130.00 114.50
(-27.21%) Target met Buy

Focus on raising the retail lending share

A key driver of this has been microloans, wherein the company has expanded into 17 states the book now accounts for 48% of the total rural lending book compared to 35% in FY17. run-down of the de-focused wholesale lending book (structured finance and debt capital markets) and stronger growth in 2W finance and microloans, the share of retail lending (rural + retail housing finance) is expected to reach 43% by FY22. In the tough operating environment over past one year LTFH witnessed asset quality improvement with the GNPL ratio declining 110bp to 6.0% which is commendable. The improvement has been driven largely by wholesale and rural finance, while asset quality in housing finance has been largely stable. The GNPL ratio in the wholesale finance book is at 9% largely due to legacy stressed loans in the thermal power finance book. These loans comprise half of the total GNPLs in this book.

2019-11-01 L&T Finance Holdings.. Geojit BNP Paribas

96.80 112.00 96.80
(-13.89%) Target met Buy


Disbursements were in line with the overall market as Rural, Housing and Infrastructure finance disbursements were down 1.6%, 21.3% and 19.0% respectively on account of industry wide de-growth. PAT declined 68.9% YoY to Rs. 174.5cr, due to the adoption of lower...

2019-10-22 L&T Finance Holdings.. Motilal Oswal

86.60 120.00 86.60
(-3.75%) Target met Buy

Disbursements calibrated; asset quality largely stable

22 October 2019 LTFH reported a decent second-quarter performance amidst the tough economic environment. PAT (excluding one-off items) grew 16% YoY to INR6.5b (7% of our estimate). LTFH, however, took a one-time hit of INR4.7b on profits from DTA revision DTA under the new tax regime. Overall focused book disbursements declined 12% YoY to INR98b, driven by lower real estate and infra disbursements. Rural disbursements were in line with past trends. As a result, the share of rural lending in the total loan book increased 300bp YoY to 27%. While management expects 2HFY20 to be relatively slower in retail lending, it expects a pickup from FY21 onwards. Spreads were stable QoQ and YoY at 6.1%.Interestingly, GNPL/NNPL ratio increased 25/35bp QoQ due to seasonality in rural NPLs and the impact of floods in some areas. The company continues maintaining INR3.5b floating provisions. Tax rate for the quarter stood at 14% versus our estimate of 22%.

2019-08-28 L&T Finance Holdings.. Motilal Oswal 94.50 94.50
(-11.80%) Results Update

Tractor demand in East India subdued; Incrementally cautious in microfinance

However, in the East India zone, LTFH has managed to increase its market share by 150-200bp over the past year. The company repossesses 400 vehicles pan-India every month; of this, 20% gets released back to the customer due to settlement. LTFH is the second largest financier for the dealer with a financing market share of 27% (narrowly behind Hero Fincorp that has a share of 28%). LTFH started two-wheeler financing via the acquisition of Family Credit, which was a financier based out of Kolkata. LTFH has been able to maintain that and is now the largest financier in East India it has a market share of 40-45% in West Bengal compared to its pan-India average of 10-12%. Its customer application rejection rate stands at 65% in West Bengal v/s 45-50% pan-India.

2019-07-04 L&T Finance Holdings.. Way2Wealth 120.05 160.00 120.05
(-30.57%) Buy 2019-05-02 L&T Finance Holdings.. Motilal Oswal

130.60 170.00 130.60
(-36.18%) Buy

Steady quarter; Retailization theme continues

4QFY19 PAT almost doubled YoY to INR5.5b, 7% below our estimate. Adjusting for this, PAT would have beaten our estimate by 2%. The focused loan book grew 5% QoQ/ 17% YoY to INR983b driven by strong 2 May 2019 growth in rural and housing finance. strongest growth came from microfinance, 2W finance and real estate finance, while the company scaled back a bit in tractor finance. Excluding impact of the interest reversal, calculated margins (incl. fee income) were stable QoQ at 6.4%. Operating expenses grew 25% YoY to INR6.5b. However, excluding net loss on fair value changes, operating expenses were up only 3% YoY, which is impressive considering investments in the retail franchise. provision buffer currently stands at INR3.5b (INR2.8b in 3QFY19). Note that the IL&FS; exposure is classified as standard.

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