Selling Scrap in Minnesota

With so many people seeing the potential of the scrap metal industry we are getting more emails than ever asking for adviser on how to started with selling scrap metal. These emails always concentrate on how to find scrap metal and how to get the best prices. Almost always missing the most important place to start, which is the laws surrounding the buying and selling of scrap metal in you state. As with most industries each state in the US has its own laws that govern the buying and selling of scrap metal. States that are right next to each other can have vastly different laws.

The laws in Minnesota are fairly average and not overly strict. We have been through all the laws and summarized everything that you need to know before heading out to the scrap yard for the first time in Minnesota. Do not make the biggest newbie mistake and turn up to a scrap yard in Minnesota without ID, you will not be able to see you material. This is actually true all over the US. All scrap yards in Minnesota are required to keep a copy of your ID and the licence plate of the vehicle or car that you arrive in. These will be kept on record with the transaction details for a minimum of 3 years. They are also required to photos/video of your and your vehicle. The law in Minnesota also does not allow for payment to be made in cash. You will receive payment via check or wire transfer. Finally, all scrap yards are required to have filming at the scales. We think this law is great. It always forces scrap yards to give honest prices.

Now that you know the laws lets go through some of our favorite scrap yards in Minnesota. Starting with Minnesotas largest city, Minneapolis, our favorite scrap yards are: K&K Metal Recycling LLC and Metro Metals Recycling. In the state capital, Saint Paul, our recommendations are: Alter Metal Recycling and Apex Auto Salvage. If you need info on other parts of Minnesota then please contact us.

Scrap Metal Prices per Pound

MetalPrice Per Pound
Aluminum Alloy$1.03
Steel Scrap$0.21
Steel Rebar$0.31

Last Updated On 2021-08-31

Non Ferrous Scrap Metal Prices per Pound

MetalPrice Per Pound
Scrap #1 Bare Bright Copper Wire$1.47
Scrap #1 Copper Tubing$1.66
Scrap #1 Flashing Copper$3.21
Scrap #2 Copper Tubing$1.59
Scrap #2/3 Mix Copper$3.76
Scrap #3 Copper with Tar$6.45
Scrap #3 Roofing Copper$2.99
Scrap Aluminum Cans$2.00
Scrap Aluminum Copper Radiators$4.23
Scrap Aluminum Siding$3.52
Scrap Aluminum Extrusion$2.45
Scrap Aluminum Extrusion w/ Attachments$4.12
Scrap Aluminum Thermopane$3.65
Scrap Aluminum Copper Cutoffs$2.17
Scrap Aluminum 6061$1.48
Scrap Aluminum 6063$3.87
Scrap Aluminum New Cast$3.99
Scrap Aluminum Old Cast$2.23
Scrap Aluminum Old Sheet$1.62
Scrap Aluminum Wheels Clean$3.67
Scrap Aluminum Wheels w/ Attachments$2.87
Scrap Aluminum Turnings$3.23
Scrap Aluminum Breakage$3.12
Scrap Aluminum Shavings$3.58
Scrap Aluminum Boat$3.28
Scrap Aluminum Bumpers$2.96
Scrap Aluminum Clips$4.42
Scrap Aluminum Copper Coil$3.36
Scrap Aluminum Diesel Tank$2.84
Scrap Aluminum Engine Block$1.06
Scrap Aluminum Litho$3.95
Scrap Aluminum Radiators$2.93
Scrap Aluminum Rims$3.12
Scrap Aluminum Wire$2.27
Scrap Aluminum Transformers$3.65
Scrap Ballasts$4.77
Scrap Brass (Red)$3.47
Scrap Brass (Yellow)$2.76
Scrap Brass Rod$1.98
Scrap Brass Hair Wire$1.92
Scrap Brass Pipe$2.34
Scrap Brass Radiators$2.09
Scrap Brass Shells$2.45
Scrap Brass Turnings$3.43
Scrap Bronze$3.26
Scrap Bronze Turnings$2.46
Scrap Car/Truck Batteries$2.54
Scrap Catalytic Converters$2.88
Scrap Christmas Lights$1.58
Scrap Cast Aluminum$1.64
Scrap Carbide$3.38
Scrap CATV Wire$2.32
Scrap Circuit Breakers$2.19
Scrap Cobalt$3.18
Scrap Communications Wire$2.82
Scrap Compressors$2.05
Scrap Clean ACR$3.93
Scrap Clean Aluminum Wire$3.27
Scrap Dirty ACR$2.29
Scrap Dirty Aluminum Extrusion$2.37
Scrap Dirty Aluminum Radiators$2.54
Scrap Dirty Aluminum Turnings$3.54
Scrap Dirty Brass$1.36
Scrap Dirty Brass Radiators$1.15
Scrap Dirty Roofing Copper$3.76
Scrap Double Insulated Cable$3.51
Scrap EC Wire$2.98
Scrap Electric Motors - Aluminum$2.58
Scrap Electric Motors - Copper$2.64
Scrap Elevator Wire$2.12
Scrap Enameled Copper$2.41
Scrap Forktruck Battery$2.55
Scrap F 75$2.73
Scrap Fire Wire$3.90
Scrap Gold$1.34
Scrap Hastelloy Solids$3.41
Scrap Hastelloy Turnings$2.12
Scrap Heliax Wire$1.53
Scrap Inconel$2.59
Scrap Inconel 792$1.76
Scrap Inconel 800$4.44
Scrap Inconel 825$4.87
Scrap Insulated Aluminum Wire$1.76
Scrap Insulated Copper Wire$1.59
Scrap Insulated Steel BX$2.12
Scrap Lead Batteries$3.64
Scrap Lead Coated Copper$2.09
Scrap Lead Shot$2.56
Scrap Lead Wheel Weights$1.09
Scrap MarM247$1.34
Scrap Monel$1.63
Scrap Nickel$1.75
Scrap Non Magnetic Stainless Steel$2.23
Scrap Painted Aluminum$2.62
Scrap Plumbers Brass$1.45
Scrap Prepared Aluminum$1.12
Scrap Pewter$1.63
Scrap Platinum$4.09
Scrap Romex Wire$2.12
Scrap Sealed Units$5.46
Scrap Silver Plated Copper$2.56
Scrap Semi-Red Brass$3.10
Scrap Silver$3.32
Scrap Solid Core Heliax$3.75
Scrap Stainless Steel$3.93
Scrap Stainless Steel Heatsinks$4.01
Scrap Stainless Steel Sinks$1.34
Scrap Stainless Turnings$3.63
Scrap Starters$1.77
Scrap Steel Case Batteries$2.84
Scrap THHN Wire$2.89
Scrap Tin Coated Copper$2.18
Scrap Tin Insulated Copper Wire$3.09
Scrap Titanium 6-4 Clips$3.48
Scrap T-1,4,5,15$3.64
Scrap Tantalum (Air-Vac melt)$2.11
Scrap Tungsten$3.64
Scrap Tungsten Carbide$3.02
Scrap Wiring Harness$2.01

Scrap Gold Prices

In the table below youll find todays scrap gold price for the different purities of gold.

MetalPrice per GramPrice per Troy Ounce
9ct Gold$21.03$654.17
14ct Gold$32.81$1,020.51
18ct Gold$42.06$1,308.34
22ct Gold$51.37$1,597.91
24ct Gold$56.08$1,744.26

Scrap Prices for other Precious Metals

Below are todays scrap prices for silver, palladium and platinum.

MetalPrice per GramPrice per Troy Ounce

Precious metal prices are usually set in troy ounces. One troy ounce (Oz) is equal to around 31.1 grams.

Ferrous Scrap Metal Prices per Pound

Scrap Prices for Steel

Below are todays prices for the different types regular steel.

MetalPrice Per Pound
#1 Bundle$0.12
#1 Busheling$0.13
#1 HMS$0.09
HMS 80/20$0.08
Sheet Metal$0.07
Shredded Auto Scrap$0.10
Structural Steel$0.09

Scrap Prices for Stainless Steel

Below are todays prices for stainless steel. Stainless steel is very much in demand currently due to its use in construction.

MetalPrice Per Pound
201 SS$0.33
301 SS$0.56
304 SS Solid$0.81
304 SS Turning$0.70
309 SS$1.05
310 SS$1.59
316 SS Solid$1.05
330 SS$2.59

Scrap Prices for other Ferrous Metals

MetalPrice Per Pound
Scrap #1 Prepared$0.10
Scrap #2 Prepared$0.11
Scrap #1 Unprepared$0.08
Scrap #2 Unprepared$0.08
Scrap Auto Slabs Whole$0.09
Scrap Cast Iron$0.13
Scrap Dishwashers$0.09
Scrap Dryers$0.09
Scrap Oversize Torch$0.12
Scrap Rebar$0.26
Scrap Washing Machines$0.09
Scrap Water Heaters$0.09

Scrap Electronics Prices per Pound

ElectronicsPrice Per Pound
Scrap Back PanelsContact local scrap yard
Scrap Cellphones
Scrap Computer Wire
Scrap CPU Chips
Scrap CRT Monitors
Scrap Empty PC Servers
Scrap Graphics Cards
Scrap Hard DrivesContact local scrap yard
Scrap Hard Drive Boards
Scrap Laptops
Scrap LCD Monitors
Scrap Low Grade Boards
Scrap Mainframes
Scrap Memory
Scrap Mice
Scrap MotherboardsContact local scrap yard
Scrap Non-Green PC Boards
Scrap PC Boards
Scrap PC Tower
Scrap Power Supplies
Scrap Printers/Fax Machines
Scrap Servers
Scrap Speakers
Scrap Telecom EquipmentContact local scrap yard

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