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Wednesday Sep 01 2021 07:00 EDT

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy openly threatens telecom companies who comply with Capitol riot committee requests [rawstory.com]

What It’s Like to be Underconnected to the Internet and Worried About Returning to Remote Learning [slate.com]

Millions of Prequalified Households Are Missing Out On The Emergency Broadband Benefit Fund [themarkup.org]

Hurricane Ida Takes Out Over Half of All Cell Towers in its Path in Louisiana [telecompetitor.com]

Helium, FreedomFi prepare massive DIY 5G network [lightreading.com]

Mediacom taps Ericsson to connect rural areas with wireless broadband [lightreading.com]

Rare Unlocked 5G Hotspot Hits US Market: The Netgear Nighthawk M5 is unlocked for AT&T, T-Mobile, and virtual carriers, giving you unusual flexibility [pcmag.com]

Right down to the nationalistic overtones, 6G sounds a lot like 5G [rcrwireless.com]

Starve the Beast: Monopoly Power and Political Corruption [eff.org]



Tuesday Aug 31 2021 07:00 EDT

FCC Bungled Broadband Mapping And Subsidies So Badly, It Got Boxed Out Of Broadband Infrastructure Plan [techdirt.com]

‘The missing piece:’ What is the third-party enablement business model for rural broadband? [rcrwireless.com]

FCC Emergency Broadband Benefit Program Tops 5 Million Enrollment [telecompetitor.com]

Adtran, ADVA to pursue merger amid fiber upswing [lightreading.com]

Not enough backup power: AT&T and T-Mobile suffer big outages in Louisiana [arstechnica.com]

C Spire begins 243-mile fiber cable deployment between Mississippi and Alabama [lightwaveonline.com]

FuboTV set to press play on free gaming service [lightreading.com]

iPhone 13 Will Support Calls and Texts Without Cell Service [webpronews.com]

The Unhackable Wii Mini Has Been Hacked [nintendolife.com]



Monday Aug 30 2021 07:00 EDT

Telecoms Spent $66 Million Lobbying Ahead of Infrastructure Deal; Comcast spent the most, at $6.7 million [truthout.org]

Spectrum informs some customers they’ll no longer get NFL Network as it was authorized incorrectly; helpfully directs customers to a more expensive sports tier if they want to replace the NFL channels [awfulannouncing.com]

Amazon Files Protest Against SpaceX’s Application for Upgraded Starlink Satellites [redorbit.com]

T-Mobile CEO calls latest data breach ‘humbling,’ claims it’s committed to security [theverge.com]

Largest RDOF Winner LTD Broadband Accuses Attorney of “Egregious Misconduct” [telecompetitor.com]

Verizon claims its new VPN can withstand attacks from quantum computers [techradar.com]

Microsoft wont block users from getting Windows 11 on most old PCs if they install using ISO files, but they wont get Windows Updates, including security ones [theverge.com]

iPhone 12 With No Sound? Apple Will Fix It [webpronews.com]

The modern challenge of gaming without a strong Internet connection [arstechnica.com]



Friday Aug 27 2021 07:34 EDT

Q&A with John Binns, a 21-year-old American living in Turkey, who claims responsibility for the recent T-Mobile hack and says its security is “awful” [wsj.com]

NTIA establishes two broadband-focused offices [convergedigest.com]

Rebranded DirecTV Stream makes its debut [lightreading.com]

T-Mobile is expanding into nearly a thousand Best Buy stores nationwide [xda-developers.com]

Californias Open Access Fiber Broadband Plan Is Making Telecom Giants Like AT&T Nervous [techdirt.com]

How Does DirecTV Stream Compare to YouTube TV, Hulu Live TV, fuboTV, Sling TV, & Philo? [thestreamable.com]

Volkswagen completes pivot from AT&T to T-Mobile and Verizon [lightreading.com]

Apple agrees to settle a class-action lawsuit and will let developers directly contact customers, inform them about purchase options outside iOS, and more [apple.com]



Thursday Aug 26 2021 06:51 EDT



Wednesday Aug 25 2021 07:00 EDT

Cables US Broadband Monopoly Continues To Grow [techdirt.com]

T-Mobile crowned the fastest mobile network of 2021: PCMag study [9to5mac.com]

Google Fiber rated fastest internet service in new study [consumeraffairs.com]

As Congress fails to regulate Big Tech, state and local governments move ahead to pass their own laws on privacy, gig work, anticompetitive conduct, and more [protocol.com]

Putting LGs 6G announcement (a test across 300 feet) into context [lightreading.com]

Etisalat to Switch Off 2G by the end of 2022 [thefastmode.com]

Microsoft says that Xbox Cloud Gaming will expand beyond PC and mobile to its Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and Xbox One consoles this holiday season [cnbc.com]

NTIA receives $2.5B in broadband requests for $288M grant program [lightreading.com]



Tuesday Aug 24 2021 07:02 EDT



Monday Aug 23 2021 06:58 EDT

Data of 70 Million AT&T Customers for Sale Online [webpronews.com]

T-Mobile customers file class action lawsuits as investigation finds 53 million affected by data breach [businessinsider.com]

OneWeb launches more internet satellites to take on SpaceX’s Starlink [digitaltrends.com]

Three-Fifths of connected TV households now watch a free ad-supported streaming service on television [rapidtvnews.com]

LG Sets THz Distance Record with Candidate 6G Mobile Network [ispreview.co.uk]

Stonepeak Finalizes $8.1B Astound Acquisition, Expands Cable Broadband Assets [telecompetitor.com]

T-Mobile asks the FCC to extend its authorization to use unassigned 600MHz spectrum for 5G [phonearena.com]

AT&T is renaming its streaming video service yet again [digitaltrends.com]

TDS Makes 2 Gbps a New Broadband Standard [telecompetitor.com]



Friday Aug 20 2021 06:55 EDT



Thursday Aug 19 2021 07:06 EDT



Wednesday Aug 18 2021 06:41 EDT

T-Mobile says an investigation found 7.8M current users and 40M past and prospective users who applied for credit had information stolen in a cyberattack [bloomberg.com]

BlackBerry discloses a critical flaw in QNX OS, impacting 200M+ cars, hospital equipment, more; sources say it resisted public disclosure until talks with CISA [politico.com]

Gigabit Subscribers and Terabyte Users Both Surpass 10% for the First Time [telecompetitor.com]

Heres why your carrier is so scared of your phones mobile hotspot [lightreading.com]

AT&T turns up mmWave 5G testbed at UT campus [fiercewireless.com]

Roku and Charter make peace [lightreading.com]

Google says the Pixel 5a is the last Pixel phone that will come with a charging brick, claiming most people already have a USB-C charger [theverge.com]

Connecticut college to fine, cut internet access to unvaccinated students [nypost.com]


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