long time experience

It is ok / not bad at least comparing to other banks in in Germany that are worst and deserve much less more than 0 .....


Really not satisfy with their customer…

Really not satisfy with their customer service. I need urgently to have an official document showing how much money i have in my bank account. I am on holidays and cant access my banking via my computer but only via my ing app. Apparently this service is not accesible via the app. I have send 2 emails since the beginning of the week and they dont offer any solution. i got two emails from them explainning me that i can get this document if i connect via my laptop to my banking.. thanks you but i explained already 2 times ( read my emails!!) that this is not possible cause i cant connect that way at the moment. I ask them to call me back, they didnt. No customer service in english. As a solution, i will transfer all my money to another account of another bank that i have. But i have a restriction of a minimum transfer of 10k a day. This is just a waist of time that is making me loose the flat i wanted to apply for. Thank you ING...


Really dangerous iOS app

Really dangerous iOS app: it sent me 3 times in a row in a wrong location and there is literally no explanation between different cash machine search results in their app! Please do not be ugly and disrespectful to your customers

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Not interested in new customers

What a strange experience! Tried anything possible online, but when I needed someone to talk to I only ended up with a recorded message and endlessly waited listening to the same recorded repetitions voice and the same annoying song...
After hours I gave up. Not possible to talk to a human being there...


ING Deutschland has very slow service

ING Deutschland has very slow service. It takes ages to get a letter from them with pins and whatever you need. I requested a new pin for my giro konto almost three weeks ago and I still dont have it.

Also, You can only reach them on the phone which takes ages. No email or chat possible.

Its really horrible from an online bank in 2021.


The bank that sends you e-mails every day but expects customers to write letters

I had a problem with a payment, called, got the instructions to fill out some online form, and immediately got a reply in my banking app: Dear customer your request was automatically cancelled. Should you have further questions you can reach us at ING-DiBa AG, Theodore-Heuss-Allee etc. Seems that the digital in ING DiBa is one-sided: The bank can reach you via app, but you have to write them a letter. This was about two months ago -- I never got a reply to the letter I securely sent using a German Einschreiben.


The basic functionality and layout of…

The basic functionality and layout of the app is okay. However, there are several fundamental issues with this bank:

1) As others have noticed, trying to speak with a human being is an extremely arduous task - you are faced with a labryinth of confusing menu options and, should you successfully surmount them, you get to wait for frankly ages before someone will actually answer. I have also been transferred more than once, which resulted in the call being terminated and me having to start all over again.....
2) They have allowed a local townhall to actually suspend my entire account (and access to MY personal funds!!!) twice, because of a simple misunderstanding over bin charges - nobody called me even one time, they simply decided to suspend my account and leave me without access to my funds, until I realised when I tried to withdraw my money from an ATM...... simply incredible.
3) I initally thought all of the iTAN numbers were a joke......


New App is a Masterpiece!

I have been a customer for a few years. I just wanted to say that the new APP is a masterpiece in simplicity. It allows my wife and I to easily check our current account. Great work!

Only the latest review will count in the companys TrustScore


Racist Bank

If your not German or European, good luck getting someone to talk to you as a human and take you serious.

They won’t let you open an account if your not German or from the EU but since they dont want to say it to not be in trouble they will exhaust you, with asking more and more papers lying that they didnt receive anything and shouting at you on the phone.

I will shame and name this company for as long as I can, for anyone who is not from the EU and encounter the same issues with this Bank, report them to NGO and newspapers working on investigating them.

This type of behaviour and discrimination is unacceptable we will name and shame such companies in every platform possible.


Worst experience to open an account

Worst experience to open an account. Impolite and incapable staff on the support hotline. Just hang up without any intention to help. Pretended to never have received all necessary documents. Without any help to resolve the issue.

After weeks of trying to open an account we gave up and went for another bank. If youre not German dont try to open an account with them, they arent willing to support.



Terrible. If you forget your password, you cant reset it easily. Last time they it took me 5 days to get access to my account. You cannot even speak to a living human being in your hour of need.


Security Incident / Phishing

During a security incident, I received very professional and knowledgeable advice via INGs hotline on a Sunday evening. I am writing this review, as I did not expect this level of competency, customer-orientation and risk awareness. This has definitely shown to me, that ING is the bank I trust.


frankly taking credit online was very…

frankly taking credit online was very easy and straight froward. now its not working at all and also the call center are not helping at all. i send several emails and called several times and my problem is not solved . so i dont recommended the bank if you are looking for a proper customer service.


wirklich gut

wirklich gut, top App und schnelle und hilfreich telefonische Betreung.

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