Greetings Sherlock!

Writing in capital letters is not illegal!
It is a matter of choise!

You write the way you like i will write the way i do too!
In paricular i use capital letters in order to emphasize something that must have been “a priori” crystal clear and given but it is not!

Sci-hub did not stop downloading material after December 2020 because of…”difficulties”!

It did so because it believes that winning a court decision in India will “win the day” against these colossal publishing houses.

Please read below:

I already said why that’s phonny, dangerous and a “wild goose chase”!

You said to try other ways of downloading staff!
I did!
And what did i get?
Malware, spyware and Adware!

As for Researchgate and Academia i did contact the authors for their work!
Do you wanna know their answer?
Here it is:

“Sorry, my publisher don’t allow me to share a copy of the paper you asked”.

You say to contact my academic indtitution!
How can you do that since it is closed due to the COVID-19 lockdown?

And unfortunately unless you are inside the premises of the University’s faculties you can not log in to your student account otherwise.

The thing is that we have been called to donate to sci-hub, libgen etc. and personally i did so by bitcoin.
Your irony and mockery about me failing my master thesis is provocative!

Do you know me?
How dare you mocking me?
You who like simpletons accepted the sycofantic term “pirates” from those vampires, both the publishing houses and the scholars that agree to work with them, because otherwise the companies would not have been able to work on their own.

I am a physical anthropologist who focuses on Indo-european Issues!
Which means that i must follow many different archaeological, anthropological, genetics, linguistic and mythological journals!!!

We are talking about journals from the brigands like Elsevier, Wiley, Verlag, Brill, DeGruyter, Springer, PNAS, Benhamin, AAAS, Nature, Cell etc.

Many of those journals publish two or threr articles per week!!
How the hell am i gonna finish my thesis since i need these articles but i can not buy them?

And instead of trying to understand what i said and support me, you mock me Sherlock?
But when you receive the bitcoins it’s OK, ah?

In concluding you have evaded the answer!

Since Sci-hub does not download material as an…”act of good will” and NOT because of difficulties, WHEN are you going to return to your nornal status?
Because as i explained in my first post winning a court in India will not avail you!
In the meantime it’s almost a year that nothing can be downloaded!
Thus what and when do you intend to do something for it?


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