mrmeow Everyone looking for logistics company that has cold facility for vaccine distribution, yet they forget that this pharmaceutical company does distribution too and has the logistics capable of doing the real work

27/11/2020 12:00 PM

Mr.Sm Invest123 Vaccine-related: Following the approval of Budget 2021, vaccine-related companies will benefit under the Covid-19 fund/fill-and-finish process as well as distribution of vaccines once it is available in the future. Under this segment, SOLUTN, HWGB, BINTAI, DPHARMA, PHARMA, KANGER, -Ahealth, TITIJYA, MAHSING should be under traders radar.

Source: M+ Online

27/11/2020 12:47 PM

serendipity89 Apex has been approached by several manufacturers to be the authorised distributor for their upcoming Covid-19 vaccines (work-in-progress). There are many considerations in evaluating these proposals (ie. whether the products will be approved, pricings, efficiencies, requirements, etc) and hence, Apex has not committed to any manufacturer. Instead, the group will likely start off as a wholesaler, where Apex will distribute the Covid-19 vaccines from various manufacturers


28/11/2020 1:30 PM

NPRA1985 PM: No call to reject 2021 Budget just to bring about polls

There is no need to do that (reject the 2021 Budget). If you ask me, I could have yesterday advised the Yang di-Pertuan Agong Al-Sultan Abdullah Riayatuddin Al-Mustafa Billah Shah, to dissolve Parliament so that a general election can be held.

But we all know that the problem is Covid-19. InsyaAllah, if He allows it, when the pandemic is over, we can hold a general election.

Muhyiddin added that the 2021 Budget, worth RM322.5 billion which was passed at the policy level in Parliament on Thursday, is aimed at easing the burden of the people and restoring the countrys economy.

I hope the 2021 Budget will be approved at the Dewan Rakyat and subsequently at the Dewan Negara. This is to ensure that the people will receive the assistance that they need during this tough time.

29/11/2020 9:25 PM

NPRA1985 No significant change to reject budget at committee level: Dr M

FORMER Prime Minister (PM) Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said no significant change can be achieved if the proposed Budget 2021 is rejected at the committee level debate session.

“Rejecting the budget at the committee level, as it is said to be done, will not bring any significant impact on the government nor the proposed budget.

“It is just an attempt to divert the criticisms of the people who are disappointed with the attitude of the Opposition,” Dr Mahathir said in a statement today.

29/11/2020 9:36 PM

weijuin1992 Buy on rumours sell on fact ,it had come so far with rumours ,once confirm news will fly ,sit in if you believe in good company !

01/12/2020 12:08 PM

weijuin1992 Reversal to uptrend on small fraction of price yet big indicator to this share as it is not so volatile like the others , good chance striking up again !

01/12/2020 5:39 PM

NPRA1985 U.K. Approves Pfizer Coronavirus Vaccine, a First in the West
The emergency approval, ahead of the United States and the European Union, clears the way for Britain to begin mass inoculations. “Help is on its way,” one official said.

02/12/2020 6:36 PM

NPRA1985 Moderna Covid vaccine can get emergency authorisation approval in 2-3 days after panel meet: CEO

Modernas vaccine candidates full results from a late-stage study showed its vaccine was 94.1% effective with no serious safety concerns

03/12/2020 12:36 AM

NPRA1985 US says Covid-19 vaccines ready to be shipped nationwide immediately

03/12/2020 12:37 AM

NPRA1985 Janssen seeks Health Canada approval for its COVID-19 vaccine

03/12/2020 12:37 AM

NPRA1985 Johnson & Johnson has started a rolling submission with the European Medicines Agency (EMA) for its single-dose COVID-19 vaccine candidate.

03/12/2020 12:38 AM

NPRA1985 Promise of Covid vaccines is ‘phenomenal’, WHO says

03/12/2020 10:25 PM

NPRA1985 Equities up as Covid-19 cases drop, vaccine news spurs economic recovery bets

03/12/2020 10:47 PM

NPRA1985 DUBAI: Bahrain said on Friday it has granted emergency use authorization for the Pfizer/BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine, becoming the second country after Britain to approve it.

The kingdom had also approved Sinopharm’s COVID-19 vaccine in November for use by frontline workers.

05/12/2020 1:33 AM

NPRA1985 South Korea reaches deal to buy AstraZenecas Covid-19 vaccine candidate

05/12/2020 1:46 AM

NPRA1985 500 million vaccine doses in Q1 2021 closer to reality, says WHO

05/12/2020 2:34 PM

NPRA1985 UAE says Sinopharm vaccine has 86% efficacy against COVID-19

DUBAI (Reuters) - An experimental coronavirus vaccine developed by China’s Sinopharm has 86% efficacy against the virus, the United Arab Emirates health ministry said on Wednesday, citing an interim analysis of a human trial underway there.

The Gulf Arab state in July started Phase 3 clinical trials of the vaccine, developed by Beijing Institute of Biological Product, a unit of Sinopharm’s China National Biotec Group (CNBG). In September, the UAE approved its emergency use for certain groups.

The analysis also shows “99% seroconversion rate of neutralizing antibody and 100% effectiveness in preventing moderate and severe cases of the disease”, the ministry said in a statement carried by the state news agency.

“The analysis shows no serious safety concerns,” it said.

It also said it had officially registered the vaccine, without elaborating, and that 31,000 volunteers across 125 nationalities participated in the UAE trial.

09/12/2020 3:12 PM

NPRA1985 United Arab Emirates Claims China’s Sinopharm Vaccine Is 100% Effective At Preventing Moderate And Severe Covid-19

TOPLINE The experimental vaccine developed by China National Pharmaceutical Group, also known as Sinopharm, is 86% effective at preventing Covid-19 infection and 100% effective at preventing severe and moderate disease, health officials from the United Arab Emirates announced Wednesday, although with scarce detail provided about the trial.

The UAE health ministry cited an interim analysis of a late-stage clinical trial involving 31,000 volunteers as the source of its information, though neither they nor Sinopharm provided any data from the trial to validate the claims such as how many participants were infected or how many actually received the vaccine.

The ministry said “no serious safety concerns” were observed, though, again, no information on side effects was provided.

The ministry said the announcement is a “significant vote of confidence by the UAE’s health authorities in the safety and efficacy of this vaccine.”

The ministry added that it had officially registered the vaccine at the request of the manufacturer, which it says could eventually lead to the shot’s widespread authorization.

09/12/2020 10:25 PM

NPRA1985 Hong Kong’s Ming Pao daily said in its editorial that there were grounds to believe that the UAE must have been stringent with the review and registration of the Chinese vaccine, given the country’s record of being transparent in its anti-virus policymaking and mass testing.

“The UAE also maintains sound ties with the West so sourcing vaccines from the United States or elsewhere should not be a grave challenge. If the Chinese vaccine is not safe or effective, there is no reason for the UAE to endorse Beijing’s vaccine propaganda and risk its own image and the health of its own people.

“Thus the UAE’s approval and its top leader’s injection of the SinoPharm vaccine have come as a much-needed vote of confidence that will help convince more countries. Diversified supply of vaccines, with viable alternatives from China, is key to ensuring fair and equitable access by poor countries,” said the op-ed.

SinoPharm revealed that senior officials in Egypt and Bahrain also took part in trials held there.

10/12/2020 11:55 PM

NPRA1985 FDA intends to proceed towards an authorization of Covid-19 vaccine, official says, as cases soar

(CNN)The FDA has informed Pfizer it intends to proceed towards an authorization of the manufacturers Covid-19 vaccine, the US Health and Human Services Secretary told ABC on Friday morning, as the country is deep into a worsening health crisis.

The statement comes a day after an FDA panel recommended the agency grant an emergency use authorization for the Pfizer-BioNTech coronavirus vaccine.Other key steps remain, but if those hurdles are cleared, the first vaccinations in the US could happen early next week, HHS Secretary Alex Azar told ABCs George Stephanopoulos.

The FDA informed Pfizer that they do intend to proceed toward an authorization for their vaccine, Azar told ABC Friday morning.

12/12/2020 2:26 AM

NPRA1985 Pfizer Vaccine Cleared in U.S., a Landmark in Covid-19 Fight

Pfizer Inc. gained emergency U.S. authorization for its Covid-19 vaccine on Friday, completing an unprecedented scientific sprint that could eventually help bring an end to a pandemic that has killed nearly 300,000 Americans

12/12/2020 3:04 PM

NPRA1985 Bursa Malaysia is expected to trend higher next week


Bursa Malaysia expected to break 1,700 psychological level

Bursa Malaysia is expected to trend higher next week, with the key FTSE Bursa Malaysia KLCI (FBM KLCI) breaking the psychological level of 1,700, and poised to march into the new year with a big bang.

12/12/2020 6:05 PM

FT1981 this counter not active?

07/01/2021 11:19 AM


07/01/2021 11:20 AM

KaiHong this is a stable stock

15/02/2021 3:00 PM

11/03/2021 11:02 PM

jomvalueinvest2 Vaccine counter wave coming ? Kanger seems like more hot now

18/05/2021 2:39 PM

Mr.Sm Invest123 Apex Healthcare Bhd
Target price: RM3.33 BUY

AMINVESTMENT BANK RESEARCH (MAY 24): The drag from associated company Straits Apex Sdn Bhd (SA) is expected to ease in the coming quarters. Major customer Smith and Nephew Sales Sdn Bhd, which contributes to about 62% of SA sales, performed the bulk of 1QFY21’s transactions in 4QFY20. Pandemic uncertainty has also led it to delay the bulk of its remaining orders to 2HFY21. Currently, order levels are similar to last year’s.

However, poor utilisation rates at SPP NOVO are expected to keep manufacturing segment margins depressed; therefore, the group is deferring expansion plans until pharmaceutical demand returns.

Meanwhile, rising freight and raw material costs are likely to compress margins in the coming quarters. While ASPs for group brand products remain unchanged, they may rise in the coming quarters. External products have already seen a 6% increase in ASP.

With the Ministry of Health’s (MoH) expenses tied up by the pandemic’s resurgence, the group believes government tenders are hard to come by at the moment. We expect this to normalise in FY22F, as the bulk of the MoH’s mass vaccinations will have already been completed by then. Going forward, we remain positive on Apex’s future prospects as a recovery play.

07/06/2021 6:49 PM

wallstreetrookie A Guide to Investing in Healthcare Companies

Low tier: IHH, TopGlove, Supermaxm Pharmaniaga
High tier: YSPSAH, Apex Healthcare, Duopharma

10/06/2021 3:03 PM

wallstreetrookie Though the company only gets a small slice of the meat within the pharmaceutical business, manufacturing generic medication remains profitable and attractive for defensive investments.

22/06/2021 4:55 AM

wallstreetrookie Political instability always presents the best opportunities to buy the dips. When everyones attention is grabbed by glove companies, it is the perfect chance to buy in alternative healthcare and pharmaceutical companies. And for whats worth, Apex Healthcare is a well-managed company

24/06/2021 1:02 PM

wallstreetrookie If you want defensive stocks, this is the one

24/06/2021 11:32 PM

CynicalCyan 21 years ago, AHEALTH was first listed on the Second Board with around 100 mil in market capitalisation.
21 years later, AHEALTH became one of the most consistent profitable companies on Bursa Main Market with about 1 bil in market capitalisation.

Hats off to such an outstanding Malaysian company. May the next 21 years be even better.

26/06/2021 10:29 PM

telurgoreng Apex and YSP are both good defensive counters. But YSP seems to be the better value given the price and dividend yield.

15/07/2021 4:19 PM


15/07/2021 4:21 PM

telurgoreng They are investing a lot into production, machine and factories hence less money to be given out as dividends. The share is non-speculative due to most of the holdings are held by the directors and owners. Hence it is very hard to goreng shares like this. These are the Tanker shares, they can easily tank recession and outlast the smallcap counters.

If you prefer gambling and speculative shares, youre better off buying penny stocks as those have almost 0 returns and price swing wildly due to rumours and speculation. Depending on which type of investor you are, some people prefer insurance and banking, some people prefer healthcare, some prefer energy, some people just follow the wind and hype according to what come out in the newspaper during the moment.. Price movement may be boring, but this is for slow and steady, keep for long term or retirement kind like bank shares.

My take is, the share hasnt seen any bonus in over 10 years. They have grown steadily in terms of asset. Hence, I foresee they may issue bonus eventually when the industry recovers and we are in better financial situation. Its not like theyre having debt problems or not-profitable. The share price is just boring cause most of the shareholding held by the owners and directors, so there is not enough public shares for operators to goreng.

15/07/2021 10:47 PM

Nepo Apex declared bonus issues in Year 2018

16/07/2021 6:08 AM

Hafid I rather wait until below rm1.40

17/07/2021 5:21 AM

21/08/2021 10:20 AM

wallstreetrookie Read @telurgorengs post. It is good research and Ive taken note of it

27/08/2021 10:50 AM

investortrader88 BURSA MALAYSIA TRADE STATISTICS - 27 AUG 2021

Participation / Status / Nett RM ( M )

Institutions Nett sellers - 239.8

Retail Nett sellers - 16.9

Foreign Nett buyers + 256.7

Source: theSundaily - Business

30/08/2021 7:21 PM


30/08/2021 7:22 PM


30/08/2021 7:27 PM

investortrader88 Top 25 shareholders own 84.79% of Apex Healthcare Berhads

Apex Pharmacy Holdings Sdn. Bhd.

Washington H. Soul Pattinson and Company Limited

Md Md Dewal

Public Mutual Berhad

Lim Teh Realty Sdn Berhad

Kirk Kee

Yoon Yee Liew

Xepa Holdings Sendirian Berhad

Yan Meng Tan

DBS Group Holdings Limited, Asset Management Arm

Apex Holdings (Pte) Ltd.

Employees Provident Fund of Malaysia

Heng Koon Chan

Choon Neo Teoh

Singam Kumarasamy


Lee Hee Yeo

Manulife Asset Management Services Berhad

Capital Dynamics Asset Management Sdn Bhd

Siew Heong Oh

Yee Hui Wong

Jin Thai Tan

Ding Susy

Leong Kuen

Kenanga Investors Berhad

30/08/2021 10:32 PM

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