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CoverProsecco sales have boomed in the last decade, with the volume of Prosecco DOC global sales more than doubling. And, with the advent of Prosecco Rosé, they promise to continue their upward trend. Booming Sales in a Stagnant Market. Sue and I had an opportunity to reflect on Prosecco’s surging...
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The Campari Spritz Is Refreshing, Relaxing, and Easy To Make at Home

[dropcapI[/dropcap]s there anything more refreshing than bubbles and the bitter bite of orange and cinnamon? Mouth-watering flavors without excessive sweetness make the Campari Spritz the perfect refreshing cocktail to drink pre-dinner. This easy cocktail only calls for three ingredients and three minutes of prep time! You can definitely spare three minutes to make this Italian cocktail. Just slip into your Versace knock-off jumpsuit and try this cocktail recipe!

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Meat’s off the menu. Which wine should you drink?

Sign up to myFT Daily Digest to be the first to know about Food & Drink news. New York chef Daniel Humm caused a stir recently when he announced his plan to eliminate (virtually) all animal products from the menu at his three-star restaurant Eleven Madison Park. “The way we have sourced our food... is not sustainable. This is just a fact.”

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A bartender’s guide to hot cocktails for fall and winter

BestReviews is reader-supported and may earn an affiliate commission. Details. When the weather starts to chill out for the year, many of us retreat indoors to stay warm and cozy, but what if you want to get a little tipsy while keeping the temperature up? Although high-proof spirits are known for their apparent body-warming capabilities, with some choice ingredients and a stove, you can make hot cocktails that will warm the body as well as the soul.


Wine Press: Prosecco Rose sparkling wines Italy’s newest creation

Prosecco used to mean one thing. Sparkling white wine from a particular place in Italy. Now, for the first time ever, you can have Prosecco Rose. Last year, wine officials in Italy (there’s a dream job) expanded the rules for the controlled designation of origin (DOC) for Prosecco to include sparkling Rose wines. Before, if a Rose came from the Prosecco area, it could not be called a Prosecco.

Winesellers, Ltd. Releases New Low Alcohol, Fire Road Lighter Sauvignon Blanc

Award-winning importer Winesellers, Ltd. announces the release of Fire Road Lighter Sauvignon Blanc 2020, an innovative low calorie, 9.5% low alcohol wine, marking its entry in the trending ‘better for you’ wine category. Not only does Fire Road Lighter Sauvignon Blanc have lower alcohol, but it also vegan-friendly, sustainable and contains only 90 calories and 1.5 carbs per 5 ounce serving, all while pre-serving the classic New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc character. The wine is aromatic and fresh with notes of gooseberry, grapefruit, passion fruit and subtle herbs and grass.

Review: Licence IV Canned Blanc & Rose

Licence IV is making a push for its French-made white and rosé wines, packaged in two interesting formats. One-liter bottles are much appreciated, but canned wines remain off-putting to many. After all, most, like myself, simply enjoy drinking wine from a glass. Still, one can always use a great beach...

Bodega Santa Julia Is Reimagining the Winery Experience

In a frankly near-universal experience, life has recently taken all of us to some… unexpected places. Fortunately, over this same strange year, we’ve also learned an important lesson: wherever life takes us, good wine can follow. And thank God. Because while everyone enjoys savoring a glass of something complex in...


The best prosecco for an Aperol sprtiz

Years after its official breakthrough in 2017, the Aperol Spritz has cemented itself as a go-to cocktail in the US, appearing on more and and more bar menus (and Instagram posts) each year. Part of it is undoubtedly how easy it is to make: It has just three ingredients: Aperol, Prosecco, and soda water. Luckily, none of these are terribly expensive if you’re looking for a drink to prepare for a group.

Black-Owned Winery Creating Vegan Wines Isn’t Niche, It’s Inclusive

When you think “wine snob,” what comes to mind? Nicole Kearney wants people like herself to flood your brain. Specifically, Black and Brown people—not the stereotypical white person haughtily sipping a chardonnay. Black people are continually fighting for representation in a multitude of industries, but in Kearney’s experience, the wine industry has been particularly challenging to break through. Determined to be heard, she launched Sip & Share Wines—a boutique winery specializing in artisan vegan wines and something truly rare to the wine world: inclusivity.

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Summer cocktails – Time for Dad to enjoy a Caipirinha!

(Katia Barbera) Dads deserve some pampering this month. Why not make them a tasty drink that is exotic and easy to make? Caipirinha it is! Fresh lime juice, sugar and cachaça make up the cocktail that is refreshing and it has its own distinctive taste. Cachaça is similar to rum in taste, and similar to vodka in looks, but It is produced from the fermented juice of sugar cane. Sugar and lime wedges are some ingredients specifically called for in the drink. The juice of limes is released when the fruit is muddled with abrasive sugar, as are the fruit’s rich, aromatic oils.

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Lidia Bastianichs Calamari Photo Is Turning Heads On Instagram

Translated from its native Italian, calamari means squid, according to The Spruce Eats. They note that while its most commonly served battered and fried in American restaurants, calamari can be prepared in a variety of ways. In Spain and Italy, they utilize it in dishes like paella, pasta, and risotto. In Portugal, its typically served as grilled squid ring kebabs. And in Korea — similar to America — the squid is deep-fried, then wrapped with mustard or chili sauce in lettuce leaves.

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New York Eats: Ladurée for Macarons

Looking for the best macarons in the city? Look no further because Laduree has the fluffiest and authentic macarons that you must check out. I visited Paris a few years ago and discovered Laduree so I was surprised to see a location here in New York City but I am glad I stumbled upon it. Located in Soho, there is an area where you can order all their desserts for a quick grab and go. In the back, there is also a restaurant where you can dine in for lunch and dinner. It has a beautiful garden and dining space which is perfect for Instagram-worthy photo ops. Even the interior of the shop reminds me of Paris since everything is very similar and French-inspired. There are also other locations around the city on Madison Avenue and Hudson Yards but I will be focusing on the Soho location. If you are interested in dining at the restaurant, you must make a reservation online. They also accept walk-ins but are usually booked out since that is a popular location. Laduree is perfect for a girl’s date for afternoon tea, brunch, or even a cute date spot to enjoy the beautiful ambiance. While it is not the cheapest place to visit, their desserts are to die for and you must add Laduree to your list!

Various Types Of Prosecco, Their Characteristics, And More

Prosecco is a type of Italian sparkling wine that has become extremely popular in recent years. It is like the Italian counterpart of Frances Champagne and Spains Cava. However, there are a few differences in terms of the grapes used and the winemaking process. This article will discuss the different...

The Shakerato is an Essential Italian Cocktail To Get Your Buzz On

Espresso tastes great in all seasons. But when the summer heat smothers the bold notes of a good ol’ roast, it’s time to turn the beverage into a chilled and sippable pick-me-up, like the Italian Caffè Shakerato. At New York City’s Dante West Village, the second location from the team...

LiveWire Cocktail Releases Whiskey Cocktail With Tiki Author Shannon Mustipher

LiveWire Cocktail Co. recently teamed up with cocktail book author Shannon Mustipher for its new bottling, Holy Tyger. Inspired by a drink in her book, “Tiki: Modern Tropical Cocktails,” the release is a whiskey sour riff with notes of lemongrass, made with Straight Bourbon, Rockey’s Liqueur, Coconut, Lime, and Jamaican #1 Bitters, according to official tasting notes. The label’s art is put together by Baltimore artist Nolen Strals and made up of bold lines, featuring Japanese imagery in the traditional American tattoo style.

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Wine Wars II

Wine Wars II, the updated sequel to my 2011 book Wine Wars, is now in production and is scheduled for release in July 2022. Here is a peek at what’s coming. Globalization has pushed back the borders of the wine world, creating a complex, interconnected market where Old World and New World wines and producers compete head to head. Writing with wit and verve, Mike Veseth (a.k.a. the Wine Economist) tells the compelling story of the war between the market forces that are redrawing the world wine map and the terroirists who resist them. This is the battle for the future of wine—and for its soul. The fight isn’t just over bottles bought and sold, however; power and taste are also at stake. Who will call the shots in the wine market of the future? Who will set the price? Whose palate will prevail? Veseth masterfully brings all of these questions together in the only book on the wine business written for all lovers of wine.

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Little French Bakery Prepares Authentic French Pastries

I enjoy many different types of food, but one of my favorites is French cuisine. French cooking is incredibly complex and is built upon many years of history. It was my visits to France that made me realize how the French revere quality fare. Thanks to my daughter’s friend, I learned of the Little French Bakery in Redondo Beach.

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This Might Be The Best Rum To Mix With Coke

A rum and Coke is a classic cocktail available just about anywhere you might think to order an alcoholic beverage. While some mixed drinks depend on preparation styles and can taste completely different if not crafted with a skilled hand, a rum and Coke almost always serves as a safe bet because its incredibly simple to make. There are some ways to level up your rum and Coke experience, including deciding on what type of spirit to use in the cocktail. You certainly can whip up a cocktail with your average well rum, but consider treating yourself to a slightly more elevated experience with a bottle that has a little something extra.

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Red White Brew: Time to talk about Oktoberfest

This week, I am going to keep it short and sweet. I just got 20 cases of Can Wine Works wines — one of our private label wines out of Dundee, Oregon. We have two styles: a bubbly rosé and a bubbly white that come in four packs, equaling two bottles of wine. The rosé is primarily Pinot Gris and Chardonnay with a little Pinot Noir and Riesling. It has lively bubbles with hints of strawberry, lavender, kiwi and white flowers. The white has the same bubbles and grape varieties, but with a bit of Gewurztraminer instead of Pinot Noir. Flavors of pear, slate, gala apple, honey and sweet citrus leave you wanting more. These four-packs of cans are on sale for $19.99, and you can take them anywhere.

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