We founded OPUS Personal AG in 2011. Felix + Rachel Sigrist are still operationally involved in the business today. Before that, they were both employed by another national personnel services company.

A good 10 years ago we started with 3 branches (Brig, Baar + Bern). 3 branches, because we were 3 founders. Each founder at his favourite location. In the meantime, OPUS has grown and operates 12 branches throughout Switzerland and in nearby foreign countries. With the new branches, OPUS has grown to a good 50 internal employees in the last 10 years - this growth has also been reflected in the results...so we manage to develop the company further.

Strictly according to the motto: from person to person we offer all services of personnel leasing/recruitment. The focus on people is and remains our incentive. In our daily business we ask ourselves: what can we do even better for our employees? We ask ourselves these questions every day - be it for internal staff - but even more so for temporary staff. We want to be faster, better, more natural and more competent than our competitors. We succeed...not always. But we work at it.

In 2019, we ventured into southern Switzerland and opened Bellinzona.

At the end of 2020, we ventured into the French part of Switzerland and opened Sierre. In addition, we opened a branch in Germany. OPUS Revisionen und Montage GmbH, based in Stralsund.

At the beginning of 2021, we have now moved closer to one of our important customers and opened Lenzburg for this purpose.

How is next? We will keep you up to date and look forward to meeting you.

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