IGS Energy Acquiring More Retail Supply Customers From Dominion

July 10, 2020

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IGS Energy disclosed in a material change filing that it is acquiring certain Ohio residential natural gas customers from Dominion Energy Solutions, Inc. (DES)

Specifically, DES will transfer the applicable customer contracts to Wrangler Retail Gas Holdings, LLC (Wrangler), the joint venture owned by IGS and Dominion, which will then transfer the contracts to IGS Retail, LLC d/b/a/ IGS Energy, a subsidiary within the IGS corporate structure that is wholly owned by Wrangler.

In connection with this transfer of customer contracts, all managerial, technical, and financial responsibilities will transfer to IGS. Each customer will recognize IGS as their CRNG supplier, and IGS will be fully be responsible for all aspects of customer service, IGS said

While details concerning the number and utility service areas of the transferred customers were filed confidentially, the transferred customers do not represent the entirety of the Dominion Energy Solutions Ohio book, as IGS said that, DES will continue to serve other customers in Ohio, as well as ... in other states.

As exclusively first reported by EnergyChoiceMatters.com, IGS and Dominion Energy previously formed Wrangler, a joint venture comprised of an ownership structure represented by an 80% stake held by IGS and a 20% stake held by Dominion. Wrangler is a subsidiary of IGS JV Holdings, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of IGS.

As previously reported, Dominions first contribution to Wrangler were the customers of SCANA Energy Marketing, Inc.

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