bullmarket1628 Walaoeh, super damn hot man Maybank today !
Now Maybank already traded at=> 8.44 +0.07 +0.8%

Huat ah, Heng ah, Ong ah !

30/08/2021 9:36 AM

Keyman188 Foreign buying extends to third week, surges to RM964.3m

(theedgemarkets.com / August 30, 2021 09:42 am +08)

KUALA LUMPUR (Aug 30): Foreign buying of Malaysian equities extended for the third week and surged to RM964.33 million last week, from a paltry RM6.71 million the prior week.

In its weekly fund flow report today, the MIDF Research team said as the market reopened last Monday, foreign investors were net buyers amounting to RM6.7 million.

Meanwhile, it said local institutions bought RM19.16 million net of local equities, with retailers as net sellers to the tune of RM25.86 million.

The research house said foreign investors were net buyers every day of the week.

It said the largest foreign inflow was recorded last Thursday to the tune of RM310.79 million, while the inflow of RM6.7 million last Monday was the smallest.

“As for retailers, they were net sellers every day of the week except on Monday.

“The largest net selling by retailers was recorded last Tuesday and the smallest net selling was on Friday to the tune of RM48.43 million and RM16.88 million respectively.

“Cumulatively, for the week, retailers net sold RM113.96 million worth of equities on Bursa Malaysia,” it said.

MIDF said that meanwhile, local institutions recorded cumulative weekly net selling to the tune of RM850.37 million.

It said local institutions were net sellers every day of the week, with the largest net selling on Thursday to the tune of RM290.41 million.

Since the beginning of 2021, cumulatively, retailers were the only net buyers of the local equity market to the tune of RM9.46 billion.

Local institutions and foreign investors were net sellers to the tune of RM4.46 billion and RM5 billion respectively.

“In terms of participation, retail investors, local institutions and foreign investors recorded weekly movements of -3.82%, 9.89% and 16.82% respectively in average daily trade value (ADTV),” it said.

## https://www.theedgemarkets.com/article/foreign-buying-extends-third-week-surges-rm9643m

30/08/2021 9:59 AM

Keyman188 Great news...foreign funds coming back...

30/08/2021 10:00 AM

Cslee1215 Keymann188, could it because of new health minister was appointed and vaccination rate in klang valley??

30/08/2021 11:02 AM

Cslee1215 Rhb...heart break

30/08/2021 11:03 AM

Rocky https://www.maybank.com/en/investor-relations/dividends/dividend-reinvestment-plan/Current_DRP.page

Jeffchan1901, this page only refers to the last dividend in Feb right n not the current one?

30/08/2021 11:28 AM

sreemani1316 Hi guys, checking into this grp 1st time. But been following ur valuable comments. Started investing MBB since Feb 21.

30/08/2021 11:54 AM

stkoay Hi, not free to lock in during the weekend...missed all the action by tolle.
Luckily didnt post anything, if not, tolle will say I jaga this forum 24/7....haha :p

Whats the story today? This one up, the number two down.

@tolle please highlight....

30/08/2021 12:08 PM

tollebunsmith lol stkoay.. up down up down, just them trading among themselves.

30/08/2021 12:13 PM

tollebunsmith Rocky : earlier it was showing DRIP 20, now updated to DRIP21, just waitng for thediscounted average price... very soon

30/08/2021 12:15 PM

tollebunsmith Just remember folks, they will move the price within a range, BUT u can never buy or sell without losses. wayang only, if u believe in this counter , just do like stkoay, enjoys life and tops up whenever the price gets lower and keeps it forever. and wella, his avrage cost of ownership in MBB gets lower and lower ( why? annual dividend & drip laa). Evenif the price goes down to RM7.00 stkoay still makes a profit.. and he buys more and more. If u got that many shares in MBB , you would have overshot my dearm ownership in bursa.

30/08/2021 12:22 PM

tollebunsmith PBB pre qr release was about 4.08.. after qr 4.11 now... what a joke

30/08/2021 12:27 PM

30/08/2021 12:28 PM

tollebunsmith stkoay was right, PBB is weak, should have moved to 100% MBB

30/08/2021 12:28 PM

stkoay Wow...the last 2 digits of MBB vs PBB...widen to 31 sen :)

30/08/2021 12:31 PM

stkoay After digesting the reports of MBB, RHB and PBB....it seems investors are doing some switching today.

30/08/2021 12:34 PM

JJFinn tolle, stkoay : at what price is good for a top up for mbb as i just got some spare cash... cant buy too much few lots ok la... or should i wait after dividend ? Thank in advance.

30/08/2021 12:42 PM

Cslee1215 Stkoay, PBB investors switching into rhb?

30/08/2021 12:49 PM

tollebunsmith stkoay : i lost to u sir, u are the best. ANd u bet on ythe right horse MBB, i accept the defeat.

30/08/2021 2:23 PM

tollebunsmith MBB beat PBB by 31 sen , as i noted the cents part of mbb & pbb were identical at that point of discussion, and it followed that rule for many days, and I used it as my yardstick, But then the cents part decided to separate ways, so if u had bought both, MBB would be leading by 31 sen

30/08/2021 2:30 PM

tollebunsmith DBS Research has revised downwards its US dollar-to-ringgit exchange rate forecast to the 4.20 to 4.40 range.

30/08/2021 3:04 PM

stkoay @Cslee1215...nobody knows...I am just guessing...by how these stocks traded this morning.

@JJFin....if need to buy..can q a few sen below 8.40

30/08/2021 3:05 PM

stkoay Posted by tollebunsmith > Aug 30, 2021 3:04 PM | Report Abuse

DBS Research has revised downwards its US dollar-to-ringgit exchange rate forecast to the 4.20 to 4.40 range.


This report is out dated...17-8-21....before the change of PM...

....is now being viral...most likely by the machai of the pg guy....LOL

30/08/2021 3:11 PM

30/08/2021 3:45 PM

kfbusjd hmm i bought at 8.1 and now thinking to sell at 8.4 something. Can see epf selling at around 8.4
everyday. So up space is limited.

30/08/2021 3:59 PM

stkoay Yes, please sell..to make my Q at 8.36 8.35 more easy to match...when matched, will say thank you

30/08/2021 4:02 PM

loh strong bank counter

30/08/2021 4:02 PM

stkoay Add another Q at 8.37

30/08/2021 4:05 PM

tollebunsmith MBB 5 m PBB 15m embargo period.. something brewing? or ismail told them to prop up?

30/08/2021 4:52 PM

stkoay @tolle yes...5m n 15m

30/08/2021 5:00 PM

stkoay All my Q not match :(

30/08/2021 5:01 PM

stkoay Will probably trade like this for another 2 more days...

30/08/2021 5:02 PM

JJFinn @stkoay : Thanks for the advice. Will q few cents lower than 8.40.

30/08/2021 6:01 PM

30/08/2021 6:17 PM

stkoay Kenanga Target Price MBB 10.65 PBB 3.90

HLB Target Price MBB 9.40 PBB 4.50

AmInvest Target Price MBB 9.90 PBB 4.40

30/08/2021 10:41 PM

intrigue83 8.3x still can go in? My avg 8.1x. bought previously and thinking to buy more

31/08/2021 5:17 AM

01/09/2021 8:52 AM

bullmarket1628 Wow, Super damn hot man Maybank today !
Now Maybank already traded at=> 8.50 +0.10 +1.2%

Huat ah, Heng ah, Ong ah !

01/09/2021 9:05 AM

tollebunsmith 1/2 hour already 12 mil.. all cabut

01/09/2021 10:08 AM

tollebunsmith bullmarket1628 : tokok? 8.34 now la

01/09/2021 10:59 AM

stkoay Bought 8.36....8.35.....8.32.....another q at 8.30

01/09/2021 12:11 PM

tollebunsmith stkoay: buy more at 8.31... cos some fund managers are exiting, should be good after they leave, cos epf must jaga this counter and ISmail want to paint a good picture

01/09/2021 12:47 PM

stkoay @tolle..noted, thanks.

If my 8.30 is not matched by late afternoon, will revise up the price...need to use up my allocation by tomorrow....cos I think the announcement date and DRP pricing can be any day from this Friday.

Current trading is typical pre DRP trading....funds converting some of their DRP shares into cash dividend while keeping the bench mark price low.

01/09/2021 1:16 PM

tollebunsmith happy for u, sorry i cant join as i have no allocation for now, my fomo is it might crash and i dont have much cash to average out, due i kena long time back... i only do periodic adjustments.
Happy drip later!!!! Hope it recalibrates higher after ex date!

01/09/2021 2:34 PM

stkoay @tolle...not additional fund from ASM...but proceeds from sales of other counters...need to put back to work :)

...not bcos of too greedy...haha.

Cheers :)

01/09/2021 2:54 PM

tollebunsmith fpi 397.. same as PBB last week price,, soon ovetake pbb !!

01/09/2021 3:33 PM

tollebunsmith stkoay: all fixed price 4%...only.. sell regret, hold regret also.. thats my sad life

01/09/2021 3:34 PM

tollebunsmith stkoay: ...not bcos of too greedy...haha.

mmm.. cos of u we can buy lower than 8.30...

01/09/2021 3:35 PM

tollebunsmith Why ambank from 2.80 to 3.10.. lost few bils to 1mdb saman, want to earn back will take yrs, is there something we dont know abaout the saman> maybe got discount like 90%.. our boleh ministers are capable of that... just wondering.

01/09/2021 3:38 PM

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