Euromillions Hotpicks uses the same winning numbers as on main Euromillions draw but it plays separately from it. This game offers the jackpot up to £1 million and the game is played for cost of £1.5 per line.


Result for the Draw will be update after official winning numbers announcement.
If you dont see the Result update after draw time please refresh the page.

Playing Euromillions Hotpicks

There are five ways to play Euromillions Hotpicks game. Participants need to choose between Pick One, Pick Two, Pick Three, Pick Four or Pick Five. If you choose Pick one you must need to choose one number from 1 to 50, if you choose Pick two you must need to choose two number from 1 to 50 and it goes further till pick five.

You will be the winner of the Euromillions Hotpicks only if you match the all of the numbers you choose with the winning numbers, if you miss any one or more numbers you will not win any prize. Euromillions Hotpicks winning numbers are same as the Main five numbers of the Euromillion draw for the same night.

Euromillions Hotpicks Prizes

You will have five different prizes one for each five different option. It has minimum prize of £10 for picking one number and range up to maximum of £1 million for picking five numbers. To win any of set you need to match all of the numbers you pick with the winning numbers.

All five prize tire are shown in the table below with the odds of winning the particular prize.


 How to Win


Odds of Winning

Pick 5

Match 5

£1 Million

1 in 2,118,760

Pick 4

Match 4


1 in 46,060

Pick 3

Match 3


1 in 1,960

Pick 2

Match 2


1 in 123

Pick 1

Match 1


1 in 10

Claiming Prize

You will have the period of 180 days from the date of the draw to claim the Euromillions Hotpicks prize. The prizes that are not claim by the winners will be transferred to the Good Causes fund.

The prizes up to £500 can be claimed directly from the authorized retail store and if you play online then it will be credit directly in to your account. For prizes more than £500 need to do some procedure to claim them you can check the procedure to claim prize by clicking the link below

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