In India, the bank and the public sector’s situation are critical, so people do not feel safe depositing their savings in the bank & fix deposit. Before few years, there was a trend to invest money in the real estate sector. Because at that time, real estate was a medium to get a high return quickly. The price of real estate infrastructure was increasing day by day.

Everyone knows such things have their time; now, several real-estate projects stopped due to lack of funds and investors, just because of insecurity on resale and such government rules of GST and property management. So know what?

In India, investors invest in Mutual funds, such as a lump sum amount, and few are inviting their money in SIP.

What are Mutual Funds?

Mutual Fund is an investment fund managed professionally using many tools or providers who invest money in different sectors as per security. The benefits of mutual funds are they provide much more protection than other investment plans. Here investors provide their liquidity to various mutual fund management agencies to manage or invest their fun in different private or public sectors to get the highest return.

What is Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) in Mutual Funds?

SIP is also called a systematic investment plan in mutual funds, a type of investment in mutual funds. SIP allows investors to put their money into a small part, like monthly, quarterly, or weekly. The salaried person or the person looking to invest money in the long term uses SIP terms to invest their money in mutual funds.

If you invest a lump sum amount in mutual funds, you will be a limited or single-time investment in mutual funds. So instead of using a lump sum, the market expert advises investors to use SIP when you have limited saving every month. You want a better return for a significant investment.

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As compared to the lump sum, SIP gives more return for 5= years of investment. In SIP, you will unite based on current market trends or value as per your invested money.

List of Best SBI Mutual Fund Schemes to Invest Through SIP in 2021

Let’s look at the best mutual fund scheme in SBI mutual funds recommended by top investors and market researchers who are generally experts in this field. Below is the best SBI mutual funds schema for 2021 to invest your money.

1. SBI Bluechip Fund


SBI Blue Chip Fund, used for long-term growth for investors, launched one of the top mutual funds on February 14, 2006.

SBI Bluechip Funds invest in 80% of large-cap stocks in the market, creating more accurate to get the maximum return. Moreover, in large-cap stocks, they choose highly known brands and well-established companies that are leaders in the market, making investors’ choices more secure.

The SBI Blue Chip Fund fund manager has the flexibility to invest up to 20% in equities other than large caps.





Above is the SBI Bluechip fund’s performance return report over the last five years, which is 12.41%, which is too good compared to other funds where the previous 1-year growth is 50.77% which is extremely good as compared to the current situation.

2. SBI Small Cap Fund


SBI Small Cap Fund aims to provide investors with opportunities for long-term growth in the capital by investing predominantly in a well-diversified basket of small-cap companies’ equity stocks. This Small-Cap fund scheme allows the fund manager to invest 65% of small-cap stocks/companies’ funds.

The fund predominantly invests (minimum 65%) in small-cap stocks.

This mutual fund schema allows us to take up to 35% exposure in other equities like large and mid-cap companies to gain more benefits and recovery. And money market instruments.





Above is the SBI Small-Cap fund’s performance return report over the last five years, 20.12%; it is good compared to other funds, where the previous 1-year growth is 81.14%.

3. SBI Equity Hybrid Fund


SBI Equity Hybrid Fund allows the inverter to go through long-term capital investment. The fund invests in a mixed size of debt & equity cap to help manage investment return stability in this investment plan.

The Equity Hybrid Fund invests your money saving in a diversified portfolio of large growth return companies’ stocks and balances the risk by investing the rest in fixed-income securities.

Benefits of SBI Equity Hybrid Fund

SBI Equity Hybrid Fund invests a minimum of 65% in equity and equity-related instruments. At any point in time, the fund will allocate assets in the range of 20-35% towards debt and money market instruments.

This mutual fund has a good record of disbursing dividends regularly.

This fund is ideal for People (mostly retired) who are looking for regular income from investments.





Above is the SBI Equity Hybrid Fund fund’s performance return report over the last five years, which is 12.58%, which is good compared to other funds where the previous 1-year growth is 36.12%.

End Words:

Above are the top best SBI Mutual fund schema to invest in the upcoming year. However, before choosing any mutual fund scheme, we advise all investors to read all the documents & terms conditions carefully.

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